Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday recap

Hey, that's two in a row now. Actually, better than that: Last night's "Heroes" not only didn't suck, it was actually pretty intriguing. I thought the Parkman/Nathan dream fight was well-executed. It had a classic "Twilight Zone" feel to it. And Peter and Hiro and PBS girl (can I get that nickname to stick? It's the learning channel, right?) all had small enough bits that I didn't find them too annoying. Ali Larter had her first good scene in like, forever.

And most importantly, I finally want to see what happens next. I wasn't sure they'd get there this season, but here we are.

One complaint, however: Not loving Kristen Bell as the villain. Not feeling it.

Also, for anyone still watching "Journeyman," last night's eppy was pretty good. They're having a lot more fun now exploring how this time travel stuff works and what it means for Dan and his family. Plus, the DB Cooper storyline was kind of fun, although the resolution was cheeze. Loved the newspapers scenes, both old and new, which were dead on (except for the editor saying newspapers aren't profit machines -- where's he working?).

Plus, the funniest "How I Met Your Mother" of the season and a pretty funny "Big Bang Theory" (which I swore I wouldn't watch, but it was too late to switch over to "Chuck."

Agree? Disagree? You know where the comments are.


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