Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday roundup

A lot of people are saying that last night's "Office" was their favorite of the year. I found it depressing. If it had been Pam and Jim having problems - characters I have an emotional investment in - I might have found it moving, but Dwight and Michael flailing is just a bummer. Now, I did love Kelly and Darryl and I sort of liked Andy and Angela, but overall, the tone of the episode put me off.

I think that was the last hour-long "Office," though, so I'm guessing the laugh ratio is going to shoot up as they return to the friendlier half-hour format.

Funny, if self-indulgent, "Earl." That's a show that can be as goofy as it wants to be. It's like "Scrubs," if "Scrubs" had never pretended to have real emotions or depth.

And a decent "30 Rock." That's a show that's really, really struggling to regain the heights it hit toward the middle of last season. It's still funny, but it hasn't had a genius moment this season.

UPDATE: Carmen on the copy desk argues that the Liz-Jack exchange constitutes genius: "You're really becoming quite the businessman." "Businesswoman." "I don't think that's even a word."

She may be right.


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