Monday, December 17, 2007

A little Christmas cheer

A shred of good news on the strike front. It looks like David Letterman will be back soon, with writers, and "The Daily Show" could follow (in time for the Iowa caucauses!).

And "Lost" is coming back with the eight episodes it has in the can on Jan. 28 - Thursday nights.

NBC has "Medium" and "Law & Order" in early January. CBS still has "Jericho." There's a few other things kicking around, if the thought of "American Gladiators" has you crying in your eggnog.

UPDATE: The return of NBC's late-night talkers (sans joke writers, if you're a fan of Leno's monologue) is now official:

NEW YORK (AP) — Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s late-night showswill return to the air with fresh episodes on January 2 after two months of repeats due to the writers’ strike, the network said Monday.
The night” show and “Late Night” will return without writers supplying jokes. NBC said the decision was similar to 1988,when Johnny Carson brought back the “Tonight” show two months into a writers’ strike.


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