Monday, June 23, 2008

Reality roundup

So Shane had a big week on "Next Food Network Star." The judges gave his food the best comments he's gotten all season - which is all the more impressive given that he was trying to combine marshmellow creme and fish.

I was a little surprised they booted Nipa. I mean, she was pretty bad in this challenge, but her Midwestern-Indian thing is a niche that's totally missing from the network and she had a good personality. I'd say Adam is still the front runner, despite his pratfalls in the galley this week, with Jennifer and Shane in the second tier.

Meanwhile, over on Design Star, our own Matt Locke is now clearly the man to beat. Michael Stribling certainly thinks so, and if anyone is catty enough to sniff out the top dog, it'd be him. That said, I really didn't like their room this week. It was very mid-80's excess to me. Very cold.

I think D. Paul got the shaft. His room was maybe boring, but pretty nice compared to Tracee's trainwreck. I even thought he was dead on about visually lowering the ceiling, even if it did take too much time. I think what we've got here is another case of the judges keeping the contestant everyone hates just for the drama. It's very Omarosa-esque. Which is too bad, because, like Omarosa, it's a tired, tired reality show cliche.


At 9:24 AM, June 23, 2008, Blogger David Dust said...

I think they kept Tracee on Design Star because she's "better television" than D Paul was...

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