Tuesday, July 22, 2008

American Gladiators - Warren comes up just short

Colorado Springs contender Vanessa Warren was just a few seconds short in her semifinal match on NBC's "American Gladiators."

In the events, Warren tied in rocketball, then lost in atlasphere and the gauntlet, but won hang tough, lost in skytracks and in powerball. That gave her a substantial time penalty to make up in the Eliminator. She came pretty close, but still needed just a bit more time to catch Ally Davidson, her competition.

When it came to trash talk, though, Warren was way out front. My favorite was, "This show has been hot so far, it's about to be on fire. I am just a ball of energy and aggression and about to tear it up. Arrrrrrgh!"

Do NOT let this woman drive your kids to soccer practice. Unless you're running really late.

You can watch the episode over on NBC.


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