Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Denver tests new radio ratings system

Interesting story in the Post today on Arbitrons new people meter system, which goes live in October and is already making waves as tests show that it will radically reshape the ratings.

The biggest losers appear to be the talk stations (with KHOW dropping clear out of the top 20). The biggest winners? Soft rock.

Naturally, I wonder what this system would mean here in the Springs, where KKLI is already a top 5 station and only KVOR breaks the top 10 with talk.

The story makes some intriguing points about potential problems with the methodology (does the wearable monitor pick up stations through a purse? What if you listen while you're in the shower?).

I dunno if this system will ever make it to the Springs. We still don't, and may never get, metered TV Nielsens. But if the system takes over the big cities, I expect Arbitron will adjust its diary methodology to reflect the metered ratings - and that will mean changes for the Springs.


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