Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Pretty funny to see "Amazing Race" start at Red Rocks. What's with everyone riding up in way old pickup trucks? And why is everyone talking about how manipulative they're going to be -- this is the show where that crap matters the least. And why did Phil say "Red Rocks ampee-theater"?

They were just introduced and I'm annoyed by the hippies already. Actually, there seems to be a larger-than-usual helping of jerks and nimrods this time out. So far, I like the nerds and the Glamazons, although I think neither is going to last very long. The dentist and wife and Joseph and Monica are duking it out for the title of "evil-est."

Sweet detour challenge -- assemble a motorcycle or do an aerial search by helicopter. Oh, wait, I'm the only one who thinks assembling a bike is cool. The girls give it a try -- and try to dragoon guys to help them ("Ooh, I'm dizzy.")

How the hay are the old folks walking right by the clue box? That's freakin' amazing.

Things seriously slow down after this point as the teams scurry around. It's funny how jazzed everyone is about the helicopters.

OK, it's over. Seriously bloated at 2 hours, but still... better than "The Apprentice."


At 11:48 AM, March 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If those two tall sisters make it to the final, I'll shoot myself. I have just about enough of their schrieking 10 minutes into the show. And I REALLY couldn't care less if they peed themselves, as they repeated over and over and over again. SEND 'EM PACKING!

While I'd love to cheer for the older couple from CO, they're really too clueless to continue and I don't really sympathize with them, unlike other older couples in the past who you really did want to see do well.

The Pink girls are annoying, the Dentist guy is way too angry and will very likely blow up and ruin his marriage, so of course, they're fun to watch.

Hippies are fairly amusing and the nerdy couple are cute.

I'm glad the whining guys were out of it so early! Couldn't stand them!

At 3:58 PM, March 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like the "Amazing" producers went overboard on stereotypes this time - let's see: Blonde bimbos, check. Nerds, check. Hippies: check. Rednecks: check. Older clueless couple: check. Gay couple: check.
But, alas, I'll watch anyway. If the "Frosties" could bring it down a notch, they could be fun to watch...even if they continue to wear leggings.
P.S. Has anyone noticed how much more baggage this crew has? They are all toting Everest-sized bacpacks and carrying bags of stuff, too. That's gonna get old.


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