Monday, March 20, 2006

Reality TV kills

Deeply weird and tragic story of the day, from MercoPress:

An 80-year-old woman died Sunday, bringing to eight the number of people
killed in a bizarre train accident during the shooting of a reality TV
program in western Uruguay, medical personnel said.

Seven people who were run over by the steam locomotive died at the scene,
and another person who saw the tragedy unfold suffered a fatal heart attack. A
dozen other victims were hospitalized with serious injuries, some with the loss
of limbs, according to police reports, and doctors said that the prognoses of at
least two of the victims were guarded.

Friday's accident happened during the shooting of an episode of the reality
TV show "Desafio al Corazon" (A Challenge to the Heart), in which communities
can perform certain tasks to raise money for a local charity.
In this episode, broadcast by Channel 10 in Montevideo, residents from Young, 320
kilometers (200 miles) northwest of the capital, had to push an old steam engine
and two attached cars to try and win $30,000.

Those responsible for shooting the scene had chosen more than 50 adults to push the train. But then the crowd of spectators who were watching the filming climbed over the security
barriers and ran onto the train tracks to try and get in on the act. At that
moment the train began moving and a number of people who had climbed over
the barriers - including women and children - were run over by the locomotive.


At 9:22 PM, March 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why only the Actors and Journalists should be the only ones with TV Programs :)

I am not aganist reality TV if it happens to be a good show.


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