Thursday, May 11, 2006

Daughtry disaster!

I'd rather talk about "Lost," but really something needs to be said about "Idol."

Really, no more Daughtry?

His one-note performances were driving everyone crazy, but he was still the only one in the final four, maybe even in the final six or eight, who has any chance of ever having a gold record, much less platinum. I've backed Elliot since the beginning, but come on, nice guys do not finish first. Or second, in this case.

Taylor Hicks coulda maybe been a star... in 1978. The idea that the American public is going to line up to buy Hicks records is so not going to happen.

McPhee obviously requires no further comment.

Of course, Chris needed to want it more and actually put a little effort into this thing, but it's still a disaster of Justin Guarini proportions.

P.S. I was digging around the Web to find a Chris photo and he had exactly the same expression in every single one. Sort of proves the point, I think.


At 8:50 AM, May 11, 2006, Blogger Dave Philipps said...

You're totally wacked to misunderestimate (as the president would say) Taylor

At 1:13 PM, May 11, 2006, Anonymous TC said...

Has Taylor sung a contemporary song yet in the competition? He wimped out a couple of weeks ago doing a Beatles "Top 10" song.

That's where I lost all respect for that guy. He'll put on a hell of a Vegas or Branson show in the coming years and his 60's covers album I'm sure will sell some copies. :)

At 2:32 PM, May 11, 2006, Blogger AndyW said...

Exactly right TC. Taylor would be entertaining to listen to in a bar, provided there was no cover. It's inconceivable that people would for over $20 or $30 to see him sing.

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