Thursday, May 04, 2006

How about that "Lost"?

Bang, boom, bust! And Ana Lucia is down.

There was a lot, a lot packed into that last five minutes. We had Henry Gale's Col. Kurtz-ish references to the Others' leader. We had Michael going native and releasing Henry, after shooting Lucia and Libby (who I'm guessing is not dead -- nobody in a TV show gets shot in a blanket wrapped around a mysterious object without that mysterious object stopping the bullets). And did you catch the random commercial for the Hanso Foundation thrown into one of the commercial breaks? Everyone else here seems to have missed it.

My only complaint is that the show crammed so much stuff into the first new episode after a bunch of repeats that I wasn't fully invested in the characters again. It deadened the shock a little.


At 5:46 PM, May 05, 2006, Blogger Chase Squires said...

Here's my take, both women are dead or going to die ... why? both got DUI's in Hawaii on the same night back in Dec., Ana Lucia in fact is doing 10 days jail time (it was her second) for it ... ABC didn't like the publicity, and on this show, just as easy to kill them off ... did you see how MANY other characters there were still milling around the beach a couple weeks ago in the food drop episode?

As for the Hanso thing, its part of a global "game" abc is luring viewers into, we watch, get clues, etc, and some of the clues will only air in other countries, so we have to form a global community (hmmm, like in the forums at Lost's official board,

Yeah, ABC said they'll even hide clues mixed among commercials ... oooh, clever :-)

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