Friday, October 20, 2006

Dead Pool prize

I dropped off a big box of freebie goodness at Mary Betka's home last night and am pleased to report the family seemed to enjoy the weird crap networks send to newspapers. The "Heroes" comic book, which came courtesy of Ethan Beute over at KOAA, seemed to be especially popular.

If you cried yourself to sleep on Tuesday because the Animal Planet dog leash and "How to Kazoo" book weren't yours, fear not. We'll run some other little contest in a few weeks -- just as soon as the loot promoting the midseason shows starts to arrive.

UPDATE: OK, so I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about this, and then I checked in over on San Francisco Chronicle TV columnist Tim Goodman's blog (the wonderfully named "Bastard Machine"). And he just got a talking Mr. T stand-up.

And now I wallow in jealousy.


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