Monday, October 16, 2006

Studio 60... that's still on the air?

I know "Studio 60" is loaded with inside jokes that go over my head here in little old Colorado Springs, but even I caught the Mark Burnett riff. More pretentious tripe - who finds this interesting? Note to Aaron Sorkin, "Survivor" is stinking it up this season, and it's still got way more viewers than your little drama.

I'm actually watching the show at this point just to watch the car crash in super slo-mo. It's mean, but it's all so gawdawful bad.

Earlier, another gripping "Heroes." Love, love, love the Hiro from the future. Love "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Still annoyed by flyboy and duality-woman, but eh, everything else is going great. Suresh is growing on me, heroin boy is a nice bridge and politician brother is perfectly sleazy. It's growing on me -- plus it has a full-season pick up, so I actually get to see where the storyline goes.


At 7:47 AM, October 17, 2006, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

HIRO! HIRO! ;) Every episode of "Heroes" has ended with a jaw dropper. LOVE IT! I have the same accolades and dislikes as you about the show. LOVE the future Hiro. And not only does he look totally different, but you can see it in his eyes. He's not the same person. At least we found out exactly what bi-polar (literally) girl is now. And it looks like flyboy is gonna be flying big time next episode. Speaking of car crashes... how great was cheerleader's idea of fixing Raper boy? This is defintely a very dark (and adult) take on super heroes. Not for kids. GREAT show!

At 8:13 AM, October 17, 2006, Blogger AndyW said...

You raise an interesting question - have we seen any reason to assume that bipolar girl even has a superpower? I mean, maybe she's just a badass Sybil. When evil government guy (cheerleader's dad) came to the hotel room, he told his minion to just get the one - and the minion went to flyboy's side of the bed. Maybe he knows something we don't, or maybe it's just a set-up and next week, he'll be like: "No, I meant the woman. Psych!"

At 10:09 AM, October 17, 2006, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

LOL! No kidding! Interesting how everyone is starting to cross paths with each other. Oh, and I like how they had the Vegas scenes take place in the Montecito - where NBC's show "Las Vegas" is located (love that show too!). Anywho... she might be a bad ass Sybil, but she's super strong. She ripped that one bad guy IN HALF. Good stuff!

At 1:59 PM, October 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that people don't care for Studio 60. My wife and I think it (and Heroes) are the best new shows and equated Studio 60 with Arrested Development - fast paced comedy that, I guess, many people don't seem to get -> based on the ratings. We will be extremely disappointed if Studio 60 does not survive - guess we'd have to watch our Arrested Development DVDs!!


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