Monday, December 18, 2006

"Help Me" find employment

ABC axed Ted Danson's dumb but likable "Help Me Help You" -- and gave the shiv to William Shatner's "Show Me the Money."

Silly sitcoms come and go all the time, but derivative game shows? Those need to be put down with extreme prejudice.

I find it pretty interesting that the big changes on the schedule are happening at midseason instead of October, like they usually do. I'm not sure what that means, but I'll posit that the networks are all scrambling to get a coherent schedule together before "American Idol" kicks their butts next month.

UPDATE: ABC yanked "Day Break," too. It's a Christmas bloodbath over at the alphabet network!


At 11:56 AM, December 18, 2006, Blogger V said...

I think I saw a commercial for the Shatner "money" show... THANK GOODNESS they canned it! Looked painful.

He should stick with Priceline commercials.


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