Monday, January 15, 2007

24, 23, 22...

There had been a lot of talk about how this season's opener was... slow. I dunno, I thought it moved along pretty well. Pretty grim, though.

I like that we're getting into the terrorist plots quickly, instead of dinking around forever with that family and the wedding and the fiancee like the show did last year (or was that two years ago?).

I don't mind the ridiculous plot contrivances -- heck, I actually enjoy the ridiculous plot contrivances -- but I do get tired of the politicians being complete idiots. Which may actually be the most realistic part of the show...
I feel bad for Kiefer Sutherland -- he can cover up the fake back scars with a shirt, but he'll have to have that hand scar put on every day for as long as this show lasts.

And, did you catch Carol McGraw's story on the Life cover Saturday? Even Jack's bag is a killing machine.

UPDATE: And how the hey did I forget to mention Jack ripping that guy's throat out with his teeth? That was the most ridiculous -- and best! -- death scene ever. The only conceivable way it could have been better is if Jack had to floss after he got out of the handcuffs.


At 11:53 AM, January 16, 2007, Blogger Rhonda said...

Where would "24" be without ridiculous plot contrivances? That's why we love it.
We all let out a simultaneous "eeewwwwww" when Jack chomped down on that guy. I don't think dental hygiene is very high on Jack's list of priorities, although a flossing break would have been hilarious.
Best line last night: "Jack, is this important?" Chloe said when he called to have her crosscheck Curtis (poor, doomed Curtis) and the terrorist. Gee, no, he just wanted to catch up on what's new, maybe exchange recipes. For Chinese food.


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