Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain on the Daily Show - you're hurting America, Jon

Anyone else catch last nights' "The Daily Show"?

Stewart had John McCain on, which is usually good for both some fun and a few thought-provoking exchanges, since McCain's been on the show a million times and is a good sport and Stewart always seemed to like him despite their political differences.

Well, not last night. Stewart just came out swinging from the get-go, practically frothing at the mouth. McCain... if you've watched him for awhile, you know his humor often has a dark edge, like Bob Dole always did, so he started to get a little nasty.

Stewart was totally doing the "Crossfire" shouting thing he decried, what was it, two years ago. So annoying.

Maybe Stewart is just so fed up with the war that he's not listening anymore, but he could at least be funny about it. I mean, a conversation between a thoughtful pro-pullout guy and a thoughtful pro-stay-the-course guy is something I'd be interested in seeing. If anyone was willing to have a real conversation.



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