Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Idol idle

Hmmm. I would have expected Bee Gees night to be a little more fun. There was hardly any disco (and wasn't LaKisha born to sing disco?). Blake and LaKisha clearly fell short -- you'd expect by this point in the competition, the remaining singers would be good enough not to have off weeks anymore. Melinda was technically superior, as always, but Jordin had more charisma, as always.

So, is it LaKisha's turn? Or does Blake have a more loyal fan base than we've thought?



At 9:20 AM, May 09, 2007, Anonymous Ethan said...

Last night was a terrible point in the season to introduce Bee Gees night.

As prolific as Andy Gibb was as a producer and writer, the songs were - for the most part - pretty terrible ... and each singer had to make two runs at them!

I felt like the season lost a lot of momentum - especially since we're two singers down from last week and the mentor was paunchy, lacking in the personality/emotion department, and is long-since-forgotten-despite-a-once-great-career.

Last night, the season should really have "heated up" for the homestretch, but it fell very flat. The theme and the mentor had a big role in that.

At the point in the season that we should be talking about how great two or three of the singers is, we're not. None of the singers was flattered last night. That's a problem for the show and its producers.

I say Melinda and Lakisha split votes, leaving Blake and Jordan safe. Lakisha leaves.

At 9:33 AM, May 09, 2007, Blogger AndyW said...

I'd argue that a lot of the problems stemmed from the singers trying to run away from the BeeGees, rather than embracing their music for what it was: catchy schlock.

I think Taylor Hicks would have done it right and strutted out in a "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" ensemble (the BG movie version, natch) and falsetto'd his heart out. Heck, I would have like to have seen what Sanjaya would have come up with (which may support your contention that BeeGees night came too late in the season.

At 1:43 PM, May 09, 2007, Blogger The Mad Man said...

... the mentor was paunchy, lacking in the personality/emotion department...

Much like every single one of the contestants this season. This show is a lot like Survivor. Without good characters (which Survivor hasn't had since Rupert and the Pirates theme season)... this show is, well... "schlock."

Between this and the NBA playoffs... I'm not sure which one deserves the title of "Show that Never Ends." ;)

At 3:08 PM, May 09, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niiiight Fevah Niiight Fevahhhhhh!


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