Monday, February 11, 2008

This is the end

OK, it's fer real now. The strike is history. Officially, tomorrow, but really, now. Writers will once again get back to writing on Wednesday. Hip-hip-hoorah. There should be new episodes of many shows by late April.

Sadly, every victory comes with a cost. "Friday Night Lights" may have played its last game on Friday. "24" won't be back until next year. Who knows what'll happen with "Lost"?

Pour a 40 on the ground to remember the ones who didn't make it, won't you?


At 9:20 AM, February 11, 2008, Blogger Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

I'll raise a toast to all the shows we won't be watching. The wife and I are pretty much done watching live broadcast television. We're sick of the commercials. Sick of the shows we invest time in never to see again, while they make yet antother CSI, or another SVU, or another tired season of Survivor, another "best season yet" of American Not-So-Much-An-Idol-As-A-Flavor-of-the-Month-Hack, or Dancing with the Has-Been D List Actors or My Dad is Better Then Your Dad (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)... or dredge up crap from the 80's (see Knight Rider) beacuse they're not intelligent enough, strike that... because the general viewing audience isn't intelligent enough to "get" anything else.

Oh sure, we'll watch the stuff we normally watch - like The Office, Lost, Jericho, etc. and other shows that have have actualy been on for a few seasons. That's our new motto for new shows now. Wait a few years till it gets on solid footing and rent it on DVD. It saves many hours of waste. It's what we've done with FX's "Rescue Me" (such a GREAT show) and what we're doing with "How I Met Your Mother."

Unfortunately, we got hooked on Eli Stone. We watched to see the Oceanic commercial from Lost. Eli Stone is a REALLY good show. Akin to Alley McBeal and Pushing Daisies in it's weirdness, thus sure to get canned because the slack jawed, glassy eyed average TV viewer won't "get" it. Although it does have dancing and singing... so maybe it does have a shot.

Frankly... we simply don't care that the writer's are coming back.

At 9:29 AM, February 11, 2008, Anonymous cshort said...

I just hope they'll do marathons of the fall episodes. We didn't realize "30 Rock" was still going, so we'll be somewhat lost (as much as we can be in a sitcom) if we jump back in with new episodes. And watching them online is no fun.


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