Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Lost" again

Kind of a shaggy episode. That's a shame after last week's tour de force. Maybe it's just that the newcomers off the freighter can't act. At least, that wasn't helping anything.

Having said that, Locke and Charlotte was a pretty funny scene - all subtext. And the lust in the Losties' eyes looking at the chopper.

And, OK, pretty good ending. But Michael Emerson is always good.

UPDATE: A few morning after thoughts. In this week's TV Talk column, I was talking about "Lost's" vast online universe. Somewhere in there, might have been the Find 815 game, there was a reference to Oceanic (or someone) sinking another jetliner to pose as 815. Obviously, we're seeing that played out in the show now. I'll try to find the reference.

Also, "Tall Walt" was a funny, if cheesy, explanation. As was Locke getting shot right where his missing kidney would be.

So, what do the rest of you think about the show's committment to sci fi ghosthunting? Obviously, there were strong elements of that in the past, but I think it was easier to accept them when they were confined to the island. After all, we've been conditioned since the first episode to understand that the island is full of weird things. Well, now we're clearly seeing weirdness out in the real world. I think it'll be a tricky line for the show to walk.


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