Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dancing with jocks

Jason Taylor's success on this iteration of "Dancing with the Stars" has me thinking about the ongoing success of athletes on the show - Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, now Taylor (I think Clyde Drexler kinda stunk it up, but I don't recall). I think it raises all sorts of interesting questions.

Is this indicative of some latent desire for artistic expression in athletes? If someone with Rice's stature hadn't taken the leap into the abyss first, would anyone else have been brave enough to follow? Is there any trickle-down effect where athletes of all levels might be more willing to try their hand (and feet) at an artistic endeavor? Isn't that the plot of about 100 teen romance movies? Can we expect to see a waltz or two in the endzone this year?


At 8:13 AM, April 09, 2008, Anonymous cshort said...

I remember Lynn Swann taking Mr. Rogers to his ballet class way back in the day. I've always heard that running backs and receivers often take dance classes to improve their balance and footwork. One presumes they never, ever speak of this in the locker room.


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