Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dot matrix mania

Alright, I think I'm free enough to do a little "Lost" pondering.

Actually, last night's episode was more fun to watch than it is to reflect on: We sorta knew all of that already. The hatches are interconnected? Check. It's all a psychological game? Check (although it may also be something more). Libby is doomed? Check. The ink in 1980 dot matrix printers never dries out? Check.

So less than initially met the eye, but I still love any episode built around Eko.

The psychic/phony/fake phony (given what he told Claire many episodes ago) is an interesting detail that I'm sure the plot will circle back to. Here's a loose end: Why did Eko's brother tell him to bring the axe? It was just a hindrance to climbing the cliff and it looked like a rock would have worked just as well to knock the hatch loose.

There must have been more to the new hatch (the Pearl) than they showed, so I'm assuming there's some exploring yet to come (albeit probably next season). The heroin paraphanalia on the table in the Pearl was an intriguing touch. Was the hatch under the circle Eko saw, or was it the period on a giant question mark, as implied by the episode's title ("?")?

Typical "Lost": Much was revealed and it all explains nothing. I think we should expect more of the same in next week's Michael-heavy Others episode.


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