Monday, November 27, 2006

Pay it forward

Well, Jodi Champagne, whose act of generosity I wrote about on Saturday, wasn't one of the featured stories on Monday's "Oprah," but it was still a cool story.

In October, "Oprah" had given each audience member $1,000 and asked them to spend the money to help a total stranger. Champagne was in the audience and she decided to help some local families who had lost their homes and possessions in a fire. First, she helped sisters Jenna and Baily Schryver, who lost everything in an apartment fire Oct. 15. Then, using an additional $1,000 that Wal-Mart provided, together they bought clothes and furniture for the Lopez family, who lost everything in a fire just a few days after the Schryvers.

Anyway, Oprah had a lot of heartbreaking and heartwarming stories about helping kids, helping patients, helping the homeless. So, a good hour of television even without a local connection.


At 7:52 PM, November 27, 2006, Blogger V said...

When I saw Oprah do this - I thought: what a great idea. Encourage others to be generous...

How many of us have said - at one time or another - I would support that organization if only I had the money... Or I'd help that person if I had the room in my budget.

Hopefully those doing the "giving" and those on the "getting" end both remember the experience and replicate it in (perhaps smaller) ways...Paying it forward.


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