Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas everybody

I really have been working the last couple of days... well, there might have been a little last minute gift shopping going on.

Pretty brutal time of year for television, though. Even the reruns stink. We're not even to the good bowl games yet (did you watch that BYU-Oregon game? Ble-yech!).

On the plus side, I was talking to someone up on the Palmer Divide, where I lived until two weeks ago, and they said there was six feet of snow in my old driveway. Seriously. So getting away from that is a pretty decent Christmas present in itself.

I'm going on a backcountry hut trip for Christmas with my wife, so my holiday TV-watching will be on a hold until Christmas night. As will running water and electric lights. But I am positeevly guaranteed a white Christmas.

Have a good one.


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