Friday, May 18, 2007

Office finale

Another pitch-perfect "Office" finale.

Actually, this episode had a much higher cringe-factor than most of the episodes this season -- Michael passing along his "coded message" to Jan's assistant comes to mind -- and it was meaner, too. But how can you beat Jim popping in on Pam's interview at the end? Or the kicker with Ryan. That had me dying (but are they really hiring a temp who's never made a sale for Jan's job?).

Just really solid comedy throughout. The boob job was one of the funniest sight gags in recent memory - I am so ticked there are no photos on the NBC site. Kevin's list of Pam and Karen's attributes, Dwight painting the office black, Michael playing "Thank you" on the voice recorder.

And then the emotional element. I just about bawled myself when Jim started tearing up seeing Pam's note in his sales figures.

Looking forward, I'd argue that the producers can't backtrack from here. No more "Friends-ish" will they or won't they Jim and Pam coupling. They have to go forward and deal with the Karen repercussions (and, naturally, the Jan-Michael repercussions).

Also, the "Scrubs" finale: Funny episode, but the main characters are growing less and less likable. I'm more on Kim and Keith's side than Elliot and J.D.'s.



At 1:24 PM, May 18, 2007, Blogger Eli the Mad Man said...

Couldn't agree more. This is such a phenomenally funny show - cringe inducing and all - likely due to how many "real life" fictional characters it has managed to assemble. Everyone has run into at least one (or more) of the characters on this show at their own "office."

By the way... for this blog you have earned one Schrute Buck! ;)

At 2:07 PM, May 18, 2007, Anonymous Ethan said...

I'll trade you for 2,200 Stanley Nickels.

At 8:55 AM, May 20, 2007, Anonymous TC said...

Actually, Ryan graduated to a sales associate at the beginning of Season Three - This last season. He took Jim's old job when he went Connecticut.

The Ryan story line sets up a lot of payback and should be fun.

And since NBC has ordered 34,313 episodes of the Office for next year, I would imagine that my DVR will fill up quite fast.


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