Thursday, January 24, 2008

Comcast rates to rise 4 percent

It's that time of year again: Cable bills are going up. The average increase will be 4 percent, no change for phone or Internet rates.

I'm trying to get some specifics for different packages.


At 8:38 AM, January 27, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have directv now for about 5months i wont turn back to comcrap.although i missed the local things like the library channel , springs channel and news first now and news2. i miss it at all for comcrap. i remember a guy that had problems with them. he had a attack because the sorry people at comcrap told him that comcrap was going to keep his service on and of course they didnt and they sneaked in to the proprety without calling him or telling that he came on his property.and they shut it off any ways, i guess you cant trust customer service reps from comcrap when making a deal over the phone here these the ways where is qwest cable tv and falcon broadband . i dont see them yet at my street.


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