Friday, February 24, 2006

You really can have it all

Thanks to a quick hand with the remote, picture-in-picture on the tube and nothing better to do, I discovered last night that it's entirely possible to watch four reality shows at the same time (well, three plus the Olympics, but who's counting?).

Seriously, I saw every dance on "Dancing with the Stars," every performer on "Idol," caught all of the intrigue on "Survivor," and tuned into the Olympics often enough to catch the B-list skaters along with the aerials NBC was mixing in during the first hour. It wasn't even that hard.

I don't think this would be possible to do during "24" or "Lost." In a scripted drama or sitcom, you'd simply lose plot points too quickly and end up confused. But reality shows are always divided into these neat segments that you can jump into and out of without breaking a sweat. And fortunately, there was no shortage of reality on Thursday night.

Anybody else catch all four?


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