Thursday, July 06, 2006

Emmy-one for some awards picks?

OK, the Emmys have way, way too many categories (even if you don't consider the daytime Emmys. And I don't). I mean, "Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series," "Hairstyling for a Miniseries"? I am so not making those up.

And the list usually has too many familiar names on it, although a switch in the voting rules this year loosened things up a little.

Having said that, the Emmys are the only TV awards we've got, other than the People's Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, the Cable ACE Awards, and, heck I don't know, the TV Land Awards.

So how 'bout some wagering?

Actor in a Comedy Series -- Steve Carell, "The Office."
Carell is everybody's darlin' this year.

Actor in a Drama Series -- Martin Sheen, "The West Wing"
Kiefer Sutherland or Denis Leary deserves it more, but awards shows are always sentimental.

Actress in a Comedy Series -- Debra Messing, "Will & Grace"
See above.

Actress in a Drama -- Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer"
A vote here for a deserving candidate.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series -- I mention it only because Jeremy Piven is such a mortal lock for "Entourage"

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series -- Gregory Itzin ought to be a mortal lock for his turn in "24" this year.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series -- Well, Jean Smart ought to be nominated for playing the First Lady in "24," but that performance inexplicably ended up in drama, so Jaime Pressly, "My Name is Earl."

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series -- Did I mention Jean Smart? Well then.

Comedy Series -- Should win? "The Office." Will win? "Arrested Development."

Drama Series -- Should win? "Grey's Anatomy." Will win? I dunno, maybe "Anatomy," maybe "24."

Variety, Music or Comedy Series -- "The Colbert Report." No brainer.

Those are the ones I care about. Feel free to post your thoughts on Single-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series if you like.


At 3:08 PM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the Emmy's - the most incompetence next to the Grammy's.

I don't understand the omissions of Falco and Gandolfini from Ep2 of Season 6.

Forest Whitaker from the Shield anyone?

Jason Bateman, Michael Cera from Arrested Development? I guess I should be glad it got nominated.

Naw, Andy - AD will not win this year.

Summarizing Will & Grace got 14 noms and The West Wing best drama again. Hooray, they're gay and gigantic libs!


At 5:14 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger AndyW said...

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