Thursday, April 05, 2007

Will the last one leaving please turn out the "Lights"?

OK, someone actually said they like "Friday Night Lights" in the comments below, so now I totally have an excuse to geek out about the World's Best Show again. Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that NBC will pick up the series for a second season... only they'll wait until the May upfronts. 'cause they have to find a spot on the schedule and all.

Paging Murphy! There's no kiss of death like the executive vote of confidence. Actually, it's pretty clear how next week's season finale is going to go (Coach Taylor realizes he can't leave his family, backs out of TMU job, Saracen and Julie live happily ever after, Street gets his GED and a fulltime coaching gig, Lyla joins Delta-Delta-Delta and hooks up with a procession of cheesy frat boys, etc. The only question is whether the team wins the state championship or not (and, double parentheses, how can the team be "going to state," but only for the actual championship game? Usually, the quarters and semis are held at a neutral location, too)).

So anyway, I have closure. If they bring it back, Yay! If not, I'll be fine. Just fine. You'll see.


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