Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Bachelor" blogging

Intrepid Gazette video game reporter Terry Terrones once again watched "The Bachelor: Paris" so the rest of us didn't have to:

Before I get started on the "Bachelor Paris" finale, I'd like to file a
complaint with DirecTV.

For the fourth time in 2 years, my TiVo died on me. This time right in the
middle of the "Bachelor" finale.

I'd also like to say thank you to DirecTV for making me watch (gasp!)
commercials. I start to watch shows about an hour into them to avoid those
horrible things. Because of this, I missed the first 60 minutes of the finale. I
was also unable to record the Paul McCartney concert on PBS, so I give a hard
wag of the finger to DirecTV.

On to the show. As is my custom for season finales, I do a running

9:00 - 9:15 Just catch the end of Moana and Travis' date. She seems
really into him, but as usual Travis doesn't have anything interesting to say.
He doesn't smile, doesn't respond to compliments, he's too reserved. Most boring
Bachelor ever! Bring back Charlie O'Connell.
9:15 - 9:22 Time for some pre-final rose ceremony sound bites
from Moana and Sarah. Moana just sounds more passionate. Sarah sounds like she's
talking herself into loving Travis. I ain't buying it.
9:22 Great Pizza Hut commercial with Ms. Piggy. MISS Piggy.
Maybe Travis should pick her.
9:25 The wife and I place our bets. My money's on Moana. My
wife? She's not sure, Travis' flat demeanor is frustrating her. She takes Sarah
just to spite me.
9:30 A limo pulls up, Moana's first (not a good sign).
Host Chris Harrison walks her to the doorway, bringing the obligatory "how can I
get Chris Harrison's cushy job" questions from yours truly.
9:40 Travis says the word "amazing" for the 567th time this
9:42 But! Something you never want to hear a member of the
opposite sex say to you after being given a ton of compliments. Which is exactly
what Travis does to Moana. I'm stunned and proceed to hand $10 over to my
9:45 Says Moana in the post-rejection limo: "I feel like such a
fool", "A guy like that doesn't marry a girl like me," "How could I have been so
wrong?" If you were ever curious to see what it looks like when someone
gets their heart crushed, this was your chance.
9:53 Travis chooses Sarah and they couldn't be less

Random Thoughts - ...Travis and Sarah make a great couple, they're both
about as interesting as watching water boil...Looking back Sarah was the only
choice Travis could have made, this guy just plays things safe...I guarantee
that if you surveyed 10 men, 9 of them would have taken Moana, she's just more
exotic, sexier and mysterious....Watching Moana break down in the limo reminded
me of why I talk my 22-year old brother out of applying for reality TV


At 3:23 PM, February 28, 2006, Blogger jen said...

she said: "You're perfect for me!"
he said: "No! You're perfect for me!"

we said: yay! it's over! move along...

wow, i can't even remember either of their names now. seriously.

At 9:24 PM, August 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a life Fairy---I mean Terry.


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